Arizona Non-Profit Worker Wins Kitchen Update for Thanksgiving

Swiss Diamond in Emmy Award Gift Bags.

Theresa McKenzie, of Mesa, Ariz., has been declared the nationwide winner of a six-piece cookware set from Swiss Diamond. The “Cook like an Emmy Award Winner” contest was held by Swiss Diamond as a celebration of their cookware being included in this year’s Emmy Awards celebrity gift bags.

McKenzie is excited about the benefits this new cookware will give her family and the nonprofit organization for which she works, House of Refuge in East Mesa. “[House of Refuge] helps homeless families transition into homes.  We are running low on pots and pans, so they will be getting my old ones,” said McKenzie.

Theresa, right, with daughter Taylor.

McKenzie is also looking forward to using her new Swiss Diamond cookware to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with her family. “I have three children, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and two wonderful grandsons,” said McKenzie. “My extended family gets together every Thanksgiving and I hope to be able to use the cookware this year.”

While having the cookware in time for Thanksgiving is a blessing, McKenzie admits that she needs the new items year-round. “I entered [this contest] because my current cookware is old and has not held up as the manufacturer promised,” said McKenzie. “I have used Swiss Diamond at my mom’s house but I have never owned any of my own. To win such a nice prize is amazing.”

Swiss Diamond was called “The Rolls-Royce” of nonstick cookware in March by the Wall Street Journal, ranked number one nonstick cookware of 2012 by the leading U.S. consumer reporting organization, and recommended by the Cooking Club of America. McKenzie is receiving cookware that will provide years of outstanding performance.

McKenzie looks forward to the health benefits as well as convenience of Swiss Diamond cookware. It is designed to allow cooking with no oil and recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for the preparation of vegetarian and vegan food. “I will use this cookware to make amazing healthy meals for myself, my family and my friends,” she said.

“We are a family that loves to cook and spend time together,” said McKenzie. “Thank you so much.”

Swiss Diamond is proud to maintain the highest level of manufacturing quality. Swiss Diamond cookware is produced exclusively in Sierre, Switzerland, using hydroelectric power and recyclable aluminum to maintain an eco-friendly production process. It is completely free of PFOA and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty to protect consumers against manufacturing defects.

For more information on the House of Refuge nonprofit organization, visit Swiss Diamond does not endorse House of Refuge. For more information on Swiss Diamond International, visit To purchase Swiss Diamond cookware, visit


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