Swiss Diamond Crepe Pan Named Design Award Finalist

Housewares Design AwardsFor ten years, the annual Housewares Design Awards have recognized innovative products designed to improve everyday living. The Swiss Diamond 10.25 in. crepe pan has been named a finalist in the Cookware and Bakeware category of the 2013 Housewares Design Awards, making it an ideal gift for any cook.

The pan’s innovative design includes a unique sloping sidewall that makes it easier to flip, fold and serve delicate foods, allowing you to effortlessly reproduce gourmet restaurant favorites like crepes and omelets at home. It features the patented Swiss Diamond HD nonstick coating, which has been shown in lab tests to outlast and outperform other nonstick coatings. For more information about the crepe pan, visit

Swiss Diamond 10.25 in. Crepe PanINNOVATIVE DESIGN

The Swiss Diamond 10.25 in. crepe pan overcomes several common complaints. Most home cooks find it nearly impossible to create a thin enough layer of batter, flip the item without breaking it, or cook the food evenly with such a large surface area and so little depth. The crepe pan overcomes these challenges with several design innovations. First, a low lip prevents overflow without obstructing access, allowing the user to create a perfectly thin layer. Second, sloped sidewalls on either end of the pan allow the user to easily push food over to flip or fold. Third, the pan cooks evenly without hot spots due to its cast aluminum construction and the use of diamond particles in the coating – the most thermally conductive material known to man, better than copper. It features an ergonomic thermoplastic handle designed to stay cool on the stovetop. Crepe batter must be gently rotated in the pan to create a thin, even layer; the balanced handle reduces wrist strain to improve comfort while repeatedly performing this action. The handle is also oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing consumers to finish items in the oven if needed.


In addition to an innovative form, the Swiss Diamond crepe pan carries the advantage of the Swiss Diamond HD nonstick coating, independently ranked number one nonstick in 2012 by the leading U.S. consumer reporting agency. The Swiss Diamond HD coating was introduced in January 2011 and has been used on all products since September 2011. It has been shown in lab tests conducted by Hort Coating Center AG (Sierre, Switzerland) to retain nonstick performance after a higher number of sandpaper strokes than other coatings, representing normal wear and tear. The HD coating performed 41 percent better in the test than the original Swiss Diamond coating, and 80 percent better than a titanium-reinforced coating of similar price. Against mid-priced cookware with two layers of Teflon or other PTFE-based nonstick coating, the Swiss Diamond HD coating outperforms by 650 percent. Anyone looking to make a long term investment in high quality nonstick cookware will appreciate the proven longevity of the Swiss Diamond HD coating.


Swiss Diamond Gluten-Free Crepes

The Swiss Diamond crepe pan also addresses health concerns. The patented coating can be used with no oil, eliminating extra fat and calories. Swiss Diamond is recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for the preparation of vegan and vegetarian meals, and also provides resources for gluten free diets – including a recipe for gluten free crepes.


Many people are rightfully concerned about the potentially unsafe chemicals used in legacy nonstick cookware. Swiss Diamond cookware is produced completely without PFOA for safety. It was called “The Rolls-Royce” of nonstick by the Wall Street Journal in 2012 and is recommended by the Cooking Club of America. With these independent endorsements, you can rest assured that the item is safe and high quality.


Besides a commitment to safety, Swiss Diamond also shows a commitment to the environment. The cookware is manufactured exclusively in Sierre, Switzerland, under strict European environmental controls. Swiss Diamond goes above and beyond the regulations by using 100% hydroelectric power and recyclable aluminum to reduce our environmental impact.


The Swiss Diamond crepe pan allows you to enjoy a gourmet experience in your own kitchen. Its appealing design gives even inexperienced cooks the ability to recreate restaurant favorites while providing additional health benefits. The patented Swiss Diamond HD coating releases food easily with no scrubbing or soaking so you can still enjoy convenience. Independent endorsements provide assurance that the cookware is safe and effective. In short, the Swiss Diamond 10.25 in. crepe pan is everything a piece of gourmet cookware should be: easy to use, beautifully designed and well-respected.


The 2013 Housewares Design Award ceremony will mark the culmination of the 10th-year celebration of the industry’s original and preeminent design competition. Finalists in the competition were chosen based on design believed to differentiate a product with unique appearance and/or function. The judges considered appropriate aesthetics, innovative materials and technology, user benefits (i.e., performance, comfort, ease of use, safety) and marketability. For more information about the Housewares Design Awards, visit


Swiss Diamond International is a leading manufacturer of premium nonstick cookware, providing products in more than 38 countries around the world from its factory in Sierre, Switzerland, at the foot of the Swiss Alps. We are committed to meeting consumer cookware needs by using safe, high quality materials, emphasizing innovative design with traditional European craftsmanship, and adhering to an eco-friendly production process. For more information, visit


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