Why is my pan warped on the bottom?

Warping is a common issue with lower-quality nonstick cookware.

A warped pan doesn’t sit flat on the stove

Warping occurs most commonly in pans made of spun or stamped metal (rather than cast metal). With spun aluminum, a flat sheet of metal is spun into the shape of a pan, while stamped aluminum uses a press to force the flat sheet into shape. Either way, the metal begins as a flat sheet. Over time, as the pan is heated and cooled, the metal tries to return to its “natural” shape, causing warping.

According to About.com, drastic temperature changes is the number one cause of severe warping in a pan. “Placing a very hot non-stick fry pan into cool or lukewarm dishwater can cause your pan to warp. A warped pan will not have even heat distribution and cooking abilities will be reduced. Always allow your pan to cool completely before immersing it.” (About.com)

However, with Swiss Diamond cookware, there is no need to worry! Our extra thick 6mm cast aluminum cookware will never warp. Instead of using a flat sheet of metal and pressing or spinning it into shape, we melt the aluminum into liquid form and pour it into specialized molds. The molds are pressurized to remove air bubbles and heated in a kiln. When the cookware is cured, it is removed from the kiln and allowed to cool. Now, it’s “natural” shape is the shape of the pan! The base stays perfectly flat, even if taken directly off the stove and placed under cold running water.

Thin cookie sheets warp over time

Swiss Diamond was ranked #1 nonstick cookware of 2012 by the leading consumer reporting agency, and has been shown in lab tests to outlast other nonstick coatings if used according to the Use & Care Instructions.

Warping also occurs in baking sheets for the same reason. Avoid the headache of warped cookie sheets with a Swiss Diamond baking sheet.

Swiss Diamond Cookie Sheet

Swiss Diamond Baking Sheet / Griddle

The flat sheet is made of thick, 6mm cast aluminum, so it’s fairly heavy, but provides plenty of strength and stability for any kitchen task.

It also doubles as a stovetop griddle: simply place it over two gas or electric stove burners to cook pancakes, eggs, hot dogs or other traditional griddle foods – without the messy clean-up of an electric griddle! No more worrying about getting the cord wet or cleaning batter drips out from under your burners.

With a Swiss Diamond baking sheet, you are prepared for holiday baking, brunch parties and more!


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